Visualization Meditation Techniques - Meditation Type

Meditation is one of the most effective techniques that can focus our attention in positive relaxing way. With meditation we became more aware and observant of the present. Meditation techniques help us to become a witness of our thoughts. Meditation can mean something different to each person, but usually includes techniques for mind-body practice. All forms of meditations use concentration techniques and other techniques to make our soar to a deeper consciousness. Meditation techniques are used for: controlling the mind, relaxing the body, and bringing a state of calmness and mental clarity.

All techniques include breathing and visualization. Visualization is one of the most popular forms of meditation. This inner technique can directly affect the conditions of our outer world.

From one perspective, visualization is simply another form of meditation.

The visualization technique is a very common exercise in meditation. Visualization meditation techniques stimulate positive thinking. Visualization techniques work well for people who find it difficult to focus on a mantra or a particular topic.

Daydream - Meditation Visualization

Imagery and meditation visualization techniques are used to stimulate our spiritual eye. Imagery is the most fundamental language, because everything is processed through the mind as an image. We can use visualization techniques to harness the energy of our imagination.

There are very easy exercises that you can do at home. Most people that practice meditation do these exercises for 10-20 minutes of each day.

The first part of any techniques is the deep breathing exercise. Relaxation techniques are natural brain tranquilizers, lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety or stress levels. We have to learn the proper way of breathing for good blood circulation.

We can practice individually, imagining our own scene and building on it. We can choose an active or passive approach. In the active approach, we generate a specific image, in the passive we focus on the black screen of the mind and then allow any images to appear. This is all individual, but it is useful in the development of our visualization skills.

Visualization meditation can be practiced in a group with one person suggesting a scene to imagine. Others in group follow him. At the end we have very vivid picture for everyone to imagine. This is broken when the session is ended.

We can experiment with various techniques. There is also a technique called pink bubble where we can do this by thinking of a certain image and enclosing it inside a bubble. We can place our minds inside the bubble by means of imagination and then released them. Now, we can easily let go of any worry and damaging thoughts.

Daydream - Meditation Visualization