Law of Attraction - Affecting the Physical World

Power of visualization techniques is based on the law of attraction. Law of attraction is a universal law like law of gravity, electricity or magnetism. We can say that the law of gravity is part of the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is attractive power of universe that draws similar energies together. Everything is some form of energy. Our thoughts are also energy. The law of attraction says our thoughts are like magnets. We attract our sub-atomic possibilities with thoughts. Everything is just a manifestation of our consciousness.

Every form of energy is vibration; our thoughts are vibrant form of energy. Law of attraction includes the vibrations that correspond to the thought process. Thoughts with the same vibration energy begin to connect to form a physical reality and it manifests in our lives. The law of attraction manifests through the power of creation.

Attract money - Universal law of attraction

We always release energy at some frequency and everything around us is with the same energy frequency. In other words we affect the physical world around us with frequency of our thoughts.

Like others natural laws, law of attraction has no judgment. Simple definition for law of attraction states that positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.

Our entire reality is our creation. We must feel good about that and then begin creating the reality that we truly want. We must also pay attention to our emotions. When we notice that we feel bad we probably thinking about something we don’t want.

The life that we can create is limited only by our imagination. All images in our mind, and all the feelings connected to our thoughts will later manifest as our reality. According that that positive energy attracts positive energy we also must not forget that negative energy attracts negative energy. If we focus only on the negative, we'll only attract negative things in our existence. So we must redirect negative feelings immediately. Only true positive energy will attract positive things (and more and more positive things).

We can use the power of our mind, thoughts, imagination and feelings to attract positive energy. Positive energy of our thoughts always attracts similar energy of physical manifestation. Positive feelings attract positive thoughts and positive thoughts attract positive events.

The law of attraction attracts thoughts, people, situations and circumstances.

The more powerful is our attraction, the quicker things manifest. We can use visualization techniques to attract what we want. Visualization techniques are a power tool based on the law of attraction.

Visualization, creative visualization, affirmation, meditation are a powerful techniques for law of attraction.

Attract money - Universal law of attraction
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