How to Experience Benefits of Guided Meditation?

One of the powerful techniques for visualization and achieving goals is meditation. Guided meditation is a technique to experience health benefits of meditation.

In this meditation we use our imagination with purpose of achieving healing and realizations through purposeful contemplation and reflection. The purpose of guided meditation is relaxation, inspiration, comfort and direction.

It is a technique which involves a particular journey, story or script in mp3 audio file, or read out loud. This mental practice could last from 3 to 30 minutes, but depends on individual preference and comfort. Also we could have someone speak or read a guided meditation to us.

Guided meditation - Ocean wave sound

Basic idea is to let of any thought we have and allow our subconscious mind to follow the words that are spoken.

It is our inner voice which actively guides us step-by-step in accomplishing precisely goals.

This is a simple way for practice imagination without any prior experience or expertise. It helps to restore the body to a calm and relaxed state. Meditation simultaneously helps body to protect itself from stress and tension.

The basic technique includes next steps:

1. Relax the body - Sit or lie down in a relaxed position, close your eyes and follow the words and scenario. Also you can think thoughts of good will. Try to focus on the sounds of the words, the voice, the music and sound effect. As this happens, the body achieves deep relaxation. You can try another technique for relaxation where you relax each body part, starting with the toes and ending with the top of the head.

2. Deep breathing - Try to breathe as comfortably as possible. Try to breathe in a way that energizes the body. Once you find a rhythm that feels comfortable, stay with it for a while. If you still feel tense, try to breathe in a way that's relaxing. With the simple attention to breath enhances you can energizes the body.

3. Concentration of the mind - You can visualize something simple in your mind and concentrate at that. Let any stray thoughts pass through, always gently drawing the attention back to your subject of visualization. You can also concentrate on the sounds of the words, the voice, the music and sound effect of your guided materials.

4. Expansion of the mind - When yours bodies, emotions and minds are quiet, you are ready to expand your imagination and awareness through guided imagery. This is part of true mediation. You will able to see you on a movie screen in your minds as a person that you want to be.

Practice guided meditation

5. Productive activity - At the end of process you slowly bring your attention back to your body. You can wriggle your fingers and toes to feel all your body parts. Then you can slowly open your eyes. After finished practice you can ground the newfound energy. With meditation you replace negative programming with confidence and high self esteem.

With this simple meditation technique you can easily visualize and feel the scene by following the words that are spoken.

Benefits of guided meditation are: relaxation, improved focus, normalized breathing, normalization of blood pressure, reduced heart-rate, stress reduction, clarity of mind, management of thoughts, good feelings…

Guided meditation - Ocean wave sound
Practice guided meditation