Best Visualization Techniques - Types of Visualization

Visualization techniques teach us how to use our mind to achieve success and reach our goals. We all know that visualization is the process of creating the mental image in our mind. They are the most effective ways to use our imagination abilities to achieving our goals.

With visualization techniques we make our brain believe that attaining desired goal is possible.

All these techniques teach us how to use it in the events we have desires and dreams we wish to achieve.

Visualization basically just means using our imagination. Visualizing is simply process of imagining. Our brain interprets words by reading them as images. For every image in our sub-conscious mind there is an emotional interpretation and a behavioral response.

Improve visualization skills

Some people say that the images they are trying to see are not clear. With practice and patience, we can achieve better results. We don't need to be perfect at visualization, only thing that is truly important is relax and feel comfortable.

We don't have to try and force our minds to work according to some concept. There is no a concept of what visualization should be like. We all can imagine, that is our natural ability, but everybody is different and we all imagine on different ways. Some people are more visual than others.

Everybody can improve visualization skills. We can see pictures in our mind's eye. Imagination pictures are located somewhere in our mental image frame. For practice we can close eyes, visualize something and then recall important details. We can start exercise in a place where we can concentrate and relax. Then we fix our eyes on some objects and memorize it with all significant details. Next we close our eyes and recall the object in our imagination in as much details as possible. Some people can visualize objects with eyes open.

We all sometimes drift off into a daydream. When we daydream we are visualizing perfectly.

There are two basic types of visualization techniques:

  • Internalizing - visualization pictures in our mind's eye.
  • Externalizing - visualization pictures outside of us with our eye's open.

Treasure map is a visualization technique which means creating a tangible picture of something what we want to have. Then we draw it (this is possible only with something what we can draw). Make it realistic as possible and place it somewhere you can see it every day.

Visualization techniques are used by many word class athletes to boost their performance on the field. In one test conducted on 4 groups of athletes it was found that the group with athletes of higher mental training (visualization) emerged winners than the ones with more physical training. Scientific research has shown that at a subconscious level for our mind, real world events and visualization are the same.

Guided visualization is one visualization method where we choose setting or scene in our mind and then feel it as real.

Receptive visualization is like watching a movie in our mind, but we are the director of that movie. We have a complete control and we can use receptive visualization for everyday events and to resolve any problem.

Altered memory visualization is used in resolving past conflicts and calming anger. We are watching us in situation as we can easily reduce the negative feelings and replace it with positive emotions.

Improve visualization skills