List of Visualization Techniques

Image in mind

What are effective ways to visualize and imagine something? There are many powerful visualization techniques, but you have to find the one that best suits you.

Best Visualization Techniques

Children practice visualization techniques every day without even realizing how powerful it is. Read about all kind of visualization techniques.

Visualization Meditation Techniques

How imagery and visualization meditation techniques can help us in everyday life? Read about powerful effects of imagery and visualization meditation.

Guided Meditation

What is guided meditation, what are the benefits of guided meditation? Learn about this powerful technique for visualization and achieving goals.

Law of Attraction

Everyone use the law of attraction, mostly unconsciously. How we can learn to use it consciously and get everything what we want in our lives?

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery works on the idea that body and mind are united. Guided imagery is considered a research-based approach to helping. It is therapeutic technique, but it has been used in psychotherapy for over a century.

Visualization Relaxation Techniques

When the stress leaves your body you will be more relaxed. Relaxation techniques are skills and our ability to relax improves with practice. It doesn't matter which relaxation technique you choose, only be patient with yourself.

Visualization Exercises

Our external world is reflection of our subconscious mind. We can learn and practice visualization, and in this way we exercise our mental power. Step by step we can profoundly improve our visualization skills.