Positive Affirmation - Positive Statement in Present Tense - Positive Affirmations for Positive Change

Affirmation is usually short positive statement in present tense. Positive affirmations are used to build a positive internal dialog. When we consistently repeat positive affirmations we create positive subconscious thoughts. We are able to create new positive reality by replacing old and negative thinking with new and positive thoughts.

Affirmations have also been called auto-suggestions or self-suggestions.

We can use positive affirmation to make positive changes more quickly and automatically. When we use affirmations we must feel them and enjoy them. We can experience them as true in physical reality.

It is useful to write affirmation down and use them often. Affirmations are used as reminders. If we keep repeating positive things the result will be immense.

Write down positive affirmation for positve change

We need to be able to respond quickly to everyday events and this is essential to our survival. Our subconscious uses the behavior patterns that we have learned to automatically respond to many events around us. Problem arises because our behavior patterns are connected with our negative beliefs. We need to replace our negative beliefs with positive beliefs. We can do that with positive affirmations.

Positive affirmation statements force us to keep focused on our inner goals. With affirmation we think consciously about our words and thoughts. When we feel positive emotions our mind instinctively responding to something it believes to be true.

Affirmations became strong with continually repeating. Affirmations are reprogramming our thought patterns. That reflects in many aspects of life.

There is not standard time when affirmation will start to work. That is individual process.

With affirmation we became aware of our thoughts and word. We became choosing to think positive thing and positive things begin to happen in our life. Positive affirmations always work for us.

We can use affirmation while we looking in the mirror. We are receiving message from people who looking straight in the eyes. That is message from person who we believe most. This is why this affirmation technique is so powerful.

We also can write down our affirmations many times. Idea is that after many times of writing something that imprint on our mind.

There is some usually repeating positive affirmation:

My beliefs create my physical reality.

The Universe responds to every loving desire of my heart.

I am calm.

I naturally attract money and wealth.

I feel peaceful and calm.

I am at peace.

I feel calm and relaxed.

I am happy.

I am like a magnet to money.

I love the real me.

I expect good things to happen.

I have a wonderful partner.

I choose love.

I’m slim and beautiful and healthy.

Large amounts of money are coming to me.

I am positive.

Inner peace is my true nature.

Write down positive affirmation for positve change